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A selection of short yoga videos for you to watch.

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  • Gentle morning stretch

    Start the day with a gentle stretch for the upper body. Moving with your breath into a flowing twist and side stretch. Setting you up for feeling good.

  • Lower back release & leg stretch

    A little stretch for the start or end of the day. Great for lower back release if you're prone to achy lower back. The key, as always, is slow and steady breath and movement. Feel your way and keep it comfortable.

  • Fold & twist. Strain less, strengthen more.

    It's amazing how engaging the core affects alignment and transforms a forward fold and a twist.
    Rather than trying to touch the ground, focus on pulling your tummy in and tightening an imaginary belt around the lower abdomen. Notice how the weight feels centralised through the soles of the feet. Take a breath in and grow tall. Then breathe out and fold from the top of the thighs, staying as long through the spine as you can.
    Pause when you reach the sweet spot (where the fold is fun before it gets painful) and breathe.
    Come up slowly, softening the knees and unrolling the spine if that feels safer and comfier.
    Try it again. Play with it, take it into a twist. Keep the focus on core engagement, alignment and calm breath. Use a support (I used blocks rather than straining to reach the ground) Less strain, more strength.
    Give it a try!

  • Simple Spring energy 1

    Spring is a time of marvelous creativity. Let's harness and cultivate that in our practice. We'll keep it simple and let it develop in a natural progression. Take your time and focus on what you're feeling and experiencing rather than worrying about how it looks.
    To engage our Spring energy, we work with the Gallbladder and Liver energy lines through the body. That involves moving the sides of the torso in ways you may not be used to. So here are some moves that can help you to open those energy lines and begin to flow and glow in Spring.

  • Simple Spring energy 2

    Working once again with the Gallbladder and Liver energy lines, in this video we'll develop the movement to include the lower body and legs. Take your time and breathe steadily as you seek a fuller engagement of your Spring Energy lines. How do you feel?


While we are setting up our e shop please make use of this selection of audio videos.

  • Field of flowers guided meditation.

    A guided relaxation to rekindle happiness starting with full body relaxation leading to a guided calming visualisation through a field of flowers to rekindle and evoke feelings of happiness. Music: Drifting by Todd Mosby

  • Guided full body relaxation.

    A guided body scan that will relax your whole body and instil a deeper overall sense of relaxation in under 10 minutes, perfect if you’re short of time and feeling a little overwhelmed.

  • Yoga Nidra for deep relaxation

    A recording of the final session at our Winter Warmer Retreat in Malvern (23rd Jan, 2022). This 25 minute Yoga Nidra practice guides you through sowing the seeds of your Sankalpa.

  •  ‘Love the one you’re with’ from The Zen Zone,  88.6 Island FM radio station.

    A weekly dose of Zen from the Zen Zone with Barbara from Out to Explore. Thoughts and inspiration to uplift and ponder. Broadcast weekly on Saturday at 3pm (Greek time) on 88.6 Island FM radio station.