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One of the main characteristics of our modern life is speed. Everything is going and has to be done "as soon as possible". This crazy pace of life, together with the excessive use of technology, confuses us, alienates us...
The thing is of course: what can we do? It's obvious that we need to come back to our natural, human rhythms. One very useful "tool" is walking. And even better, walking in nature. Researches have shown that the involvement of individuals in forest environment reduces stress, depression, anger, fatigue and increases vitality and wellness. It is effective in the treatment of "spiritual" stress and mental fatigue. *
The island of Zakynthos is ideal for walking and hiking. The unevenness of the landscape - mountain, plain and sea - offers routes with various aspects of beauty, while the low altitude of the mountains, makes hiking accessible for all ages.
FόRα started to work two years ago, by studying and finding unique tracks, all over Zakynthos. Our interest is not only about hiking. It's also about history, local society, culture, tradition, flora and fauna. And all this information we share and exchange with you during our walks.
FόRα's commitment to continue, to find new paths and to offer them to the people, is absolute. There is still a lot to discover and the appetite for exploration grows!
More details about FόRα, the paths and their description, the upcoming events and our photo gallery can be found on our homepage www.forazakynthos.com. You can also visit our facebook page www.facebook.com/forazakynthos.

*source: http://www.kathimerini.gr/847657/article/epikairothta/perivallon/mia-volta-sto-dasos-wfelimh-gia-thn-ygeia-kai-thn-yyxologia

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Details coming soon!

Details coming soon!



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